Are you ready to talk craft, generate new writing, and connect with others, without feeling overloaded?

Experience the perks of a book club and writing group, from the comfort of your own home. 

“Participating in your writing group helped me maintain equilibrium in my life. Your positive voice and nature was a solace. Again, thank you.”

      -Mary Salisbury (writing published from Airstream Dispatches prompt)

“I had serious fun with this prompt! I haven’t felt that in a while. I was drawn to keep at my draft and would not have written it if not for the habits of mind you are trying to encourage in addition to actual writing.”

-Dave Russo (poet, flash writer)

Join this curated community of fellow book lovers and writers to enliven your creative practice and bring gentle accountability to your writing goals.

I used to have this dream: me, my fave writing pals, an Airstream trailer, and a cross-country road trip to interview the authors we admired. We’d read aloud to one another, ask questions, laugh, write in our notebooks, and gaze out the windows as the countryside blurred by…

Now I own a home, my Airstream is up on blocks, and a beautiful baby boy fills most of my waking hours. But even from this vantage point, I still believe meaningful writing community can be formed. I still believe it’s possible to write, parent, run a business, and thrive. If you’re reading this, you’re likely juggling just as many balls in the air, too. That’s why I created Airstream Dispatches, an innovative book club + writing group.

Scroll down for  the syllabus for this monthly, pop-up, writerly circus that leads to creative validation, publication of new writing, and skill-building…all without demanding more than you can give.



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All webinars are recorded and available to participants for 6 months following the program’s conclusion. Unsure about livestreaming or IT for online learning? No problem! Read on…

• September: Read Mothers, Tell Your Daughters by Bonnie Jo Campbell; Technology webinar Sep. 20 7 pm Eastern; webinar Sep. 23 from 2-3pm Eastern. Tech

October: Read The Answer to the Riddle is Me by David MacLean; webinar Oct. 21 from 2-3pm Eastern.

November: Read Swarm Theory by Christine Rice; webinar Nov. 18 from 2-3pm Eastern. [No book or meeting for December.]

January: Read Labors of the Heart by Claire Davis; webinar Jan. 13 from 2-3pm Eastern .

February:  Read American English, Italian Chocolate by Rick Bailey; webinar Feb. 24 from 2-3pm Eastern.

• March: Reader’s choice TBA; webinar Mar. 24 from 2-3pm Eastern.

+ these bonuses:

  • Email access to the instructor
  • Email access to the assistant for IT support
  • Downloadable content to keep forever
  • Access to an (optional) private Facebook group for posting drafts & questions
  • Access to interviews with the authors we study (including a chance to pose questions of your own)

How does all this help meet your writing goals? Click Here to Download the FAQ!

Airstream Dispatches is a chance to honor your writing aspirations, just once a month, and come out on the other side of 6 months with new work, deeper knowledge, and–if you’re like a fair number of past participants–a very good chance of publishing your work in literary journals.

Can you show up for yourself and your imagination, just once a month?

There will be no homework, but you will write and feel inspired.

There will be others present, but you will feel rejuvenated, not sapped.

Meet with me and writers like yourself via livestream and I’ll give you everything I’ve got as I shape our time.

Can’t attend the live class? Concerned about IT needs?

Click Here to Download the FAQ!


From Airstream Dispatches participant, Bruce Makie:

Just this instant I was going to email you and this message popped up: Dear Bruce, Thank you for sending us “Pictures At An Exhibition.” We love it, and we’d like to publish it. In case you’re wondering, we publish less than 2% of the fiction we receive. We don’t say this to impress you. We simply want you to know how competitive the process is, and how talented you really are. All of the editors here are also writers…

To say that I couldn’t have done this without your guidance is an understatement; I had no idea the story was even in me until I mulled (brooded, actually) over the prompt you assigned for Airstream Dispatches. I tweaked the story some since you heard me read it during our webinar–changes that you would be proud of. And I was so confident of the changes that I went ahead and followed your suggestion to submit.

It worked!

From Airstream Dispatches participant Rose Canfield:

I just watched the recording of the webinar and wanted to thank you for putting the energy into bringing writers together. This community was an amazing growing experience for me. I have gained confidence and learned to set aside my fears and judgements of my writing.

You have always encouraged me to read like a writer. I am really understanding the gift in that. What’s so fun is that my husband has read some of the books along with me, allowing us to talk about the craft techniques, like exposition and backstory, that we studied.

Also, prompts used to really be a sore spot for me–I never really liked them. Now, I look forward to them, they have played a really big part in setting me free as a writer.

Thank you Katey!