DAY 10/10 #deeprest

And on the other side of rest, is the blessing of new energy and authentic presence. The ability to hear the train then drop the coat, drop the mittens, and run with all your (tiny-legged) might because “WE HAVE TO GO WE HAVE TO GO!” Twenty degrees, high winds, fifty feet off the ground and blessed-be the railings of the world because River is determined and as I chase him, I can feel what it feels like to be in motion and resting at the same time. This is it; the leap across the footbridge, the hope for connection, the belief that nothing matters more than right now. Because we DO make it in time to see the train rumble beneath us. And the conductor DOES wave. And time, in fact, DISSIPATES on the wind.

We are ear flaps and cold fingertips, enthusiasm and song. We are pretzel snacks and runny noses, anticipation and trust. We are a love bigger than the train, longer than the tracks, louder than the whistle.

To be still. To be in motion. To find humanity where the two come together. That’s really what it boils down to, eh?

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