DAY 2/10 #deeprest

Legs up a wall. Viparita Karani. A yoga pose with all kinds of benefits. Today, I’m after just one thing—>doing nothing and resting deeply. Can I run my business, be a partner, be a mother, be myself…and do as little as possible? I think I can.

Which is why, in the middle of a business day, I shamelessly lay on the floor at the public library and put my legs up the wall. For twenty minutes. I’m not going to give you beach photos or summer blondes in fitted capris. I’m giving you my sticky, cheap-o Target socks, karate sweatpants, and the reality that because I’m laying on the floor in a public building, lord knows what will be on the back of my shirt when I get up.

The world will continue on its merry/destructive way, whether I take tweny minutes to myself or not. But if I don’t take it, no one will take it for me. There’s only one way to make change—from within. #workingtoohard habits, be damned! #starvation economics, get debunked! #abundanceconsciousness, here I come! Positive thinking never killed anyone, but it probably saved a lot of us.

So it’s me and my legs. No book to read. No multi-tasking. Just wiggly toes and a bland wall.

But my 20 minutes feels expansive. I close my eyes and hear rain falling on this historic building’s roof. Water moves through the pipes bewteen the first and second floors. I hear my breath; feel it, too. And there, in the backdrop of it all, my heartbeat. Amazing, these things that are always there, but seldom acknowledged. I breathe into it; marvel at the body’s management of fluids, the systems and hormones syncing up. So much comes together to make life possible, with seemingly little effort.

I take it as sign—the body my cue. So much gets done, with so little effort. Yes. THAT. Exactly, that.

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