DAY 9/10 #deeprest

Today, the sky is my teacher. Over eggs and bacon, River and I make guesses about the unseen world. Will branches block our driveway? One moment, sideways rain thrashes through the early dark. The next, a high-pitched whistle of wind sends the screen door slamming.

But as the sun rises, songbirds announce what our eyes soon confirm: blue sky. Pale-butter sun. Puffs of clouds suggesting no precipitation at all. I even need sunglasses for the commute to Montessori.

Then again—the sky darkens. Creeks burst their banks. A massacre of worms along the highway. By the time I’m back home, temps are already falling and a quick glance at the forecast tells me low twenties for tonight.

And so, too, a work day can feel chaotic and unpredictable. But it helps to remember that no matter the weather—and no matter my mood, my current mind-body-state-of-being—it’s all part of a cohesive whole. There are greater forces shaping the weather, just as greater forces shape my days, my tasks and un-tasks and lists and anti-lists and doings and un-doings. To me, that’s quite a relief.

After all, we can only ever see a tiny patch of sky at one time. So much else spreads across this vast canvas! And while of course we play a part in the global climate and in our daily to-do’s, the point here is CONTEXT. Today’s chaotic skies comfort me by mirroring the bit of chaos I feel within, and so we walk together—the sky and me—and suddenly, things start to feel right.

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