Sitka Day 32: Farewell

This. Is. Hard-working. Breathtaking. Happiness. Thanks for following this part of my three-year journey this month in Sitka, Alaska. I’m travelling from residency to teaching gig to [...]

Sitka Day 30: Oh My Heart

Writers often talk about living two ways: as a fly on the wall or by total immersion. The best writers I know can function in both realms and write about their experiences equally well because of [...]

Sitka Day 26: Totem Park

I have walked the loop in Totem Park (Sitka National Historic Park) almost every day since my arrival and never tired if its straight-as-an-arrow trees, its rocky viewpoints, and its quiet [...]

Sitka Day 20: The Space

Some days this work feels as simple as an honest calculation. You wake, you stretch, you drink coffee. Then the mind joins words into sentences, like winter’s gently accumulating snow [...]

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