direct your passion for writing into devoted practice, focused action, & mastery of craft through monthly submissions
Receive written feedback on up to 25 pages monthly. Ideal for
dedicated writers working toward publication, fellowships, residencies or acceptance into MFA programs, as well as published authors seeking accountability, deep work, & honest feedback. 

Upcoming season: September 2019 – March 2020

Deadline August 1, 2019

Curious? Read on, or view accomplishments by my students here.

“I felt a little funny when I first approached Katey–I’ve already got an MFA, and my day job involves plenty of writing, too. But try as I might, I couldn’t keep the deadlines I set for myself. I wanted someone who would keep me honest and help me commit to writing regularly. More than anything, I wanted some feedback on my work from someone who ‘got it.’ Katey has been all of those things for me. She’s one of the most insightful editors I’ve had, she challenges me to forge ahead (while giving me the confidence that I have the skills to do it)–and she’s provided those helpful, looming deadlines to keep me in the chair even on those days when nothing seems to be working, so that I’ll be there for the days when everything is.” (Cameron )

Writing is a solo sport when it comes to generating the material, but no one, and I mean no one, does it entirely alone. Even the “best of the best” have editors, readers, and critics helping them along. Under my guidance you’ll be getting all of these people rolled into one!

Whether you’re working on one story, a collection of stories or essays, a memoir, or a novel, through Monthly Mentorship I will challenge you to write for maximum impact while helping you develop the skills to make it possible.

Monthly mentorship is a six-month program (September 2018 – March 2019) designed to help dedicated writers and published authors:

  • remain accountable through monthly writing submissions and deadlines.
  • assess writing skills that are a strength as well as those to be developed.
  • receive individual attention on their writing project and goals.
  • receive monthly individualized line-level feedback and a critique letter on their submitted pages toward mastery of craft.
  • connect with a small and hand-picked creative community of other dedicated writers in the program through an optional private Facebook forum.
  • participate in monthly 60-90 minute webinars lead by me, which will include lessons/concepts/concerns pertinent to the challenges I observe in that month’s submissions from the group.



Mentorship begins with a chance to tell me more about yourself as a writer. You’ll answer some questions about your intentions, skill level, project, current goals, and writing practice. You’ll also choose a writing sample of up to 1,000 words to submit.

Fill out this questionnaire online, or email it as a Word attachment by the deadline, August 15, 2018 (early inquiries are encouraged). I’ll send you a confirmation message, along with an approximate response time. The next season begins in September 2018.

If we’re a good fit, mentorship begins with a private meeting so we can get to know one another and discuss your goals for your project. We’ll establish our monthly submission guidelines and answer any logistical questions. You’ll then be invited into the optional private Facebook forum.

Each month, for the next six months, on the agreed-upon submission date, you’ll submit up to 25 pages of writing. You’ll receive line-level feedback and a critique letter in 7-10 days.

Each month, in addition to the individualized critique, you’ll get access to an optional private Facebook forum where I’ll share bonus links and submission opps. There will also be a live webinar that includes lessons/concepts/concerns pertinent to the challenges I observe in that month’s submissions from the group, and ample opportunity to ask questions.

Monthly Mentorship is my most popular and in-demand service for a reason. You will see results. View accomplishments by my students HERE.

And here’s the most important part of “how it works”: It works through your devotion to your writing and your project, through writing your heart out and sharing your pages with me. It works through my full attention on your work. I’ll read it, ponder it, draw on my many years of experience as a published writer, seasoned editor, and devoted teacher, and then I’ll offer you the same kind of heart right back.


“Katey is a careful and discerning editor, bringing the artist’s sensibility and the editor’s meticulous attention to detail to everything she does. Her insightful editing of several essays and my memoir has helped me identify and reduce abstractions, clarify detail and intensify scenes, and smooth the narrative flow while remaining true to the author’s voice and intentions. I value Katey’s input highly, and recommend her to anyone looking for professional and intensive guidance in his or her writing craft.”

Shannon Huffman Polson, author of North of Hope

Monthly Mentorship Payment Options:

One Payment: $2800
Paid in full by October 1.

Two Payments: $3050
$1525 due in September. $1525 due in January.

Monthly Payments: Please inquire for special payment plan.

(Payments can be made by PayPal or by personal check)

“I wanted to properly express my gratitude for your guidance and instruction. You guided my writing and pushed me to explore the literary boundaries of genre fiction. You took on the challenge of an unfamiliar genre, and your fresh view challenged me. I’ve learned to think critically about language, to consider the impact of setting and landscape. My writing has become richer and better for it. I’m very grateful for your advice and comments, and your considered opinions about the work I’ve put forward. You have such a talent for teaching and mentorship. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you.”

Heather Clitheroe, award-winning short story writer


Why do I need to complete a questionnaire & submit a writing sample?

The number of writers interested in mentorship regularly exceeds the number of spaces available (8).  The questionnaire and writing submission help me assess readiness and fit, so that I can confidently guarantee you a transformative experience should we go on to work with one another. The questionnaire and  submission process, and monthly webinars for live learning, ensure that you are in the right place and that your work gets the attention it deserves.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire and submitting a writing sample is August 15, 2018.

Who is this program right for?

Mentorship is designed for the advanced writer, whether or not you have been previously published.

If you’re a novice, or yet to establish a consistent writing practice, or in need of a little more skill development, I encourage you to check out my course Into the Flash HERE.

If you’re not sure which offering might be the best fit,  CONTACT me.

When does the 6-month Monthly Mentorship begin?

The next session of Monthly Mentorship will begin in September 2018 and run through March 2019, with one month off during the holiday season between December and January.

What if I have to miss a webinar?

No worries. Each webinar will be recorded and sent to you the following day.

I’m not working on a full manuscript. I often write in a number of genres. Can I submit multiple pieces from multiple projects in a month so long as I stay within the page limit?


What if I go over the 25-page limit with my writing on any given month?

I welcome submissions above the 25 page limit if a few extra pages are necessary to complete the chapter or story; pages overages will be tallied by the instructor and billed at the conclusion of the mentorship program at a reasonable per page rate.

What if I’m not a big fan of Facebook? How much time will I be expected to spend on the forum?

The private Facebook forum is optional and you can spend as much or as little time there as suits your writing practice. Remember, the writing always comes first. The Facebook forum is a place where I will share bonus links and submission opps with you, as well as celebrate your writing when it comes across my desk.  How much you choose to engage with the other writers is up to you, but because each person in this group is a dedicated writer working toward specific goals, chances are good that each of us will be mindful of using the forum to benefit our writing and lives as writers, not to distract us from the task at hand.

Over the course of our 6 months, submitting 25 pages per month will mean that you may see only half of my book. Will my big picture questions get answered if you’re seeing just part of the project?

Yes, because my goal is to empower you to become a more discerning reader and editor of your own work. You will get clear about the strengths, as well as the pernicious ticks in your writing. Over the course of 6 months, you will be given mini-lessons specific to the skills in need of development in your work. Mentorship is designed to improve your craft and to make you a better reader and editor of your own writing, not more dependent on me.

Ready to Leap?

Fill out the questionnaire. Submit your writing. Let’s get started!


Monthly Mentorship begins September 2018

“Your critiquing means the world to me–it’s the difference between publishing and not, I think, and is so crucial to helping me stay invested.”

Sarah Jane Smith, author of No Thanks and Other Stories

Monthly Mentorship Payment Options:

One Payment: $2400
Paid in full on October 1.

Two Payments: $2650
$1325 due in September. $1325 due in December.

Monthly Payments: Please inquire for special payment plan.

(Payments can be made by PayPal or by personal check)

Final Considerations

I enjoy mentoring writers and find a great deal of personal and professional fulfillment in our work together. While I understand my role as teacher and guide is to draw as much as possible out of you, I also feel that mentoring via distance has the most powerful impact when it is met with a deep desire to commit to the practice of writing. Not everyone can give themselves over to the writing life full time, but everyone can create the conditions for the writing life within the space of a few focused minutes or hours. I view our work together as a brave, exciting experiment. While certainly the aesthetic of every teacher informs her preferences and style, every good teacher likewise knows there’s no right or wrong answer. There are countless possibilities. I will read your work with an open heart and mind and look forward to your focused dedication throughout our work together.

Learn more about Katey’s award-winning book, Flashes of War, HERE.

“Katey’s invaluable contribution as an editor was her ability to identify mannerisms, such as the repeated use of certain tenses, that slowed the action in my novel. She pushed me to find a more creative way of expression, and to focus on more precise language. In simple words, she zeroed in on my careless habits and made me a better critic of my own work.”

Laura Brylawski-Miller, author of The Shadow of the Evening

“You’re really helping me close the gap between the ideas I intend to express, and what the reader is actually able to glean from my writing. You’re helping me remove roadblocks that prevent my writing from interfacing–something I can’t see from the inside. Not every reader has your insight that will open the door. You’re awesome!” (Sharon Angel)

“I sincerely appreciate all the energy you devoted to giving feedback on my writing. It was nice to get a sustained practice in place. A lot of what you’ve taught me often echoes through my head.” (Nora Robinson)

“I enjoy your method of teaching and comments. Thank you for making writing wider than I ever thought it could be. The challenges are nerve-racking and marvelous all at the same time.” (Liz Radlicki)