September 17 at 6 PM EST  (watch the replay)

North Carolina Literary Review Reading. Watch the Shut-in with Stories replay here with Doris Betts Prize winners Katey Schultz and Leah Hampton.

November 11 at 7 PM EST  (watch the replay)

Whitman College Conversation with Author Katey Schultz. 

Watch the replay here where Katey talks about the differences between writing a collection of short stories and a long-form novel, her writing process in general, and how being a Philosophy major at Whitman still informs her word choice and sentence-level revisions as an author today.

January 4, 11, 18,  2021 (virtual from anywhere)

Deep Revision with Flatiron Writers Room – Back by popular demand! This class is designed to empower writers with revision techniques to apply to memoirs, essays, flash, short stories, or novels. Whether trying to revise a stand-alone chapter or considering the broader arc of your full manuscript, these techniques are graspable, effective, and empowering. We’ll cover thematic and developmental revision, sentence-level revision, and structural revision. Full description and REGISTRATION LINK

January 30, 2021 (virtual from anywhere)

9 am – 3 pm CST/10 am – 4 pm EST
Flash in a Flash with HerStry Writers Conference – Affordable, inspiring, short, and sweet. Don’t miss this chance to connect! Description and REGISTRATION LINK