August 10 

Malaprop’s Bookstore, Asheville, NC (virtual from anywhere)

Check out the hybrid reading and discussion with Katey and Jim Stokely in celebration of the release of his new book, No Work in the Grave: Life in the Toe River Valley. Jo Ann Thomas Croom and Katey Schultz discussed the ways in which the Toe River Valley informs and inspires their writing. The conversation was moderated by Jim Stokely. You can view the entire session here.

September 27, October 4, October 11
6:30-8:30pm CT (7:30-9:30 ET)

Gemini Ink (virtual from anywhere)

Deep Revision with Gemini Ink, a 3-session workshop designed to empower writers with revision techniques to apply to memoir, essays, flash, short stories, or novels. Whether trying to revise a stand-alone chapter or considering the broader arc of your full manuscript, these techniques are graspable, effective, and empowering. We’ll cover thematic and developmental revision, sentence-level revision, and structural revision. You’ll practice each technique using excerpts from your own work in progress, which you should bring with you to class. You’ll come away with systematic tools to address areas for improvement, as well as a re-invigorated understanding of the joys of revision. Register here.


October 19
6:30-8:30pm CT (7:30-9:30 ET)

StoryStudio Chicago (virtual from anywhere)

Flash in a Flash with StoryStudio Chicago. Flash is one of the most popular genres being written and published today. Whether you’re already published, mired in NaNoWriMo drafts, deep into a memoir project, or fully devoted to fiction, the skills required in flash fiction and flash nonfiction will improve your ability to handle scene, embed metaphor, and target a character’s desires with precision.

In this class you will learn the defining traits of flash form writing, study noteworthy examples, and begin two new flashes from prompts delivered during class time. You will leave the presentation feeling more confident about scene, concision, and that elusive “so what?” factor that can turn anecdotal writing into impactful narrative. Register here.


Save the dates April 16-22, 2023

Interlochen Center for the Arts (In-person)

Deep Revision with Interlochen Center for the Arts. A week-long, in-person, immersive experience designed to empower writers with revision techniques to apply to memoirs, essays, flash, short stories, or novels. Co-facilitated by Katey Schultz and Anne-Marie Oomen. By application only; limited spaces available. The website for this event is not yet live, but you can send any questions, including queries about sample schedules, via Katey’s contact form.