A single word can change a life. The right word in the right context can have a profound impact. I’ve built Maximum Impact upon this foundation, and  you will find that in every interaction, in every precision course or service I offer, I challenge you to also live and write for maximum impact, while simultaneously showing you how to do it.

Learn more about how my imagination works, and how my teaching style evolved,  here. Learn more about my books and writing here, and the success and accomplishments of my clients and students here, as well as all the ways to work with me below.

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All e-courses include full access to the instructor, lessons sent to your inbox, and more!

Flash in a Flash: An e-course in FUN: Five days, 5 lessons, 2 prompts, countless possibilities! Ongoing–join any time.

“For most of my life, I’ve had high expectations — of  people, of employers, of service providers — and often wind up disappointed. Katey has restored my faith. She WAY over-delivers. I  got writing prompts,   but I also got detailed feedback, encouragement and gentle criticism. I got an honest-to-God teacher, mentor and coach for every lesson delivered in the course. If you want to write short stories or essays, THIS is the place to start.” Page Leggett, NCWNMember

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Into the Flash

Into the Flash is an online, live 5 – week exploration of short- form writing Through weekly live meetings, expertly curated readings, inspiring prompts, individual critique, group discussion, mindful flow exercises & more, you’ l l develop intentionality & focus as a writer (& have fun!) while dramatically improving your craft. Guaranteed. Begins in April, yearly with registration opening in February.

 “The class has been great! I’ve created a lot of writing that I wouldn’t otherwise have done, and you’ve made visible the invisible–providing strategies writers use to get through the grind of writing. Everyone always says how you have to spend the time cranking out the pages. I do believe that’s true, but you’re showing the actual how. You’ve provided some helpful structure. This class has been invaluable in showing me a way forward in keeping a writing practice.” Nora Robinson

Monthly Mentorship

Monthly Mentorship directs your passion for writing into devoted practice, focused action, & mastery of craft. My most immersive, game- changing program offered. Ideal for dedicated writers working toward completion of a manuscript, as well as published authors seeking a ” fresh approach” to a project. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

“Monthly Mentorship has far exceeded my expectations in terms of the huge download of writing craft knowledge I’ve received (I had no idea how  much  I  didn’t know.) Amazing! Katey’s program has  also given me insight into the writing process, showing me that ‘productivity’ and ‘output’ are not the best gauges for writing progress.” J. Greenberg

Manuscript Review

Manuscript Review includes developmental and craft- based feedback for  partial or full manuscripts. Feedback ranges from a ” light” reader response, to a ” heavy” line- level edit, with most projects focused on thematic, structural, and developmental revision techniques to help get your manuscript ready for publication. Please contact me to request a free consult and quote.

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