• "Schultz's ability to enter into these radically different lives is nothing short of breathtaking. There is tragedy here, but also humor, moral blindness, along with deep courage. And the desert holds it all."

    Abigail DeWitt Author of News of Our Loved Ones
  • "... a remarkable book, impressive in its breadth and depth of story, engaging with its finely-drawn characters, and breathtaking in its pace."

    David Abrams author of the novel Fobbit
  • "Start reading and before you know it, you’re miles inside these characters’ lives…By the end, there is much to consider, much to hope for and wish away. Schultz’s razor-sharp syntax casts a spell that lasts through the book itself, and when it’s done, readers will long for whatever place they recognize as home, too."

    John Mauk Author of Field Notes for the Earthbound
  • "Still Come Home took me deep into the chasm between love of country and love of family. As I watched Schultz's characters face impossible decisions with an indomitable will to live, I started highlighting passages I really loved. Pretty soon, I was highlighting entire pages—that’s how good this is."

    Desiree Cooper Author of Know the Mother
  • "Still Come Home is personal, global, tender, brutal, and deeply introspective—in short, a powerhouse of a book. Katey Schultz has written one of the finest works of fiction yet to come out of the Long Wars....[T]he wrong and the right of it, the mercy, the love, the blood-letting and profit-making, Schultz captures it all in this splendid novel."

    Ben Fountain author of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk and Beautiful Country Burn Again
  • "There's such nuance in Still Come Home; so much understanding for the characters and their internal and external worlds are so fully realized. Schultz's writerly sense lingers on the most interesting and unsettling elements."

    Christine Maul Rice author of Swarm Theory
  • “In Still Come Home, Katey Schultz brings a psychologist’s insight into character and a journalist’s unflinching search for truth to her depiction of the war in Afghanistan. With a compelling plot, and in prose that is both gutsy and lyrical...Schultz has staked a claim as one of the best writers on the war in the Middle East, in a class with Helen Benedict (Sand QueenWolf Season), Phil Klay (Redeployment), and Roxana Robinson (Sparta).”

    Bill Wolfe