A note before proceeding: Each year, two Right to Write Awards are given to outstanding applicants who have already been accepted into the Monthly Mentorship program. The award supports BIPOC and Veteran writers by waiving their tuition. This means you must apply and be accepted to Monthly Mentorship before or in tandem with applying to the Right to Write Award.

Monthly Mentorship program dues are $3850. Recipients of a Right to Write Award will receive $3350 and are asked to pay the balance of $500, which covers fees my business incurs for software, streaming, and tech features that help bring the program content to you in accessible ways.

Ready to apply, or curious about the Award? Please continue reading.

Dear Right to Write Award applicant,

The goal of my business is to teach an embodied, revelatory approach to the craft of writing and the writing life. That approach is built on the belief that our survival as a species is dependent upon inclusivity and creativity. As an entrepreneur, I am determined to operate in a way that both repairs and disrupts the unjust impacts of capitalism, even as I must work from within that system.

In 2021, I created WRITEABILITY, a nonprofit guild for writers, that is designed specifically to allocate resources, provide lasting support, and uplift and defend the imagination. Thirty percent of guild membership dues will address those areas where my race (white), my citizenship (paying taxes that fund our nation’s wars), my business (capitalist), and my industry (literary arts) have caused harm or perpetuated injustice.

After years of careful thinking from within the system that I also strive to break free from, prioritizing the Right to Write Awards with WRITEABILITY funds feels like a solid start.

Please  complete the application below . You will receive email confirmation of its receipt, as well as a timeline for anticipated decisions about the Award.

With heart,
Katey Schultz