Day Nine

There can be no post tonight.

Suffice it to say I rode in a Jeep Grand Cherokee with PF, JD, and JM to the final dance party for the conclusion of our residency, later kissing JM on the cheek after we shared a laughable, friendly dance in which I told him that I had a date with Part One of his book of poetry just this very morning at a coffee shop and found it quite enjoyable. And furthermore how I told him that I thought I’d take it out for a second date; give Part Two a whirl. Or better yet, how PS grabbed my shoulder fiercely after the New Student Reading this afternoon and winked at me with all the confidence of an accomplished writer, then signed his book of poems addressed to me: “What a fine reading! Keep the faith, keep writing, you are your own voice!”

I have no words.

  • Marisa

    What an amazing, wonderful experience you are having. I am so happy that others are experiencing the joy and talent that is Katey!

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