Adventures in Optimism

Joyful, joyful, joyful.

This is what I try to say to myself when I see that I am taking on an anxious perspective.

Big crush on someone that’s not right for me and is leaving anyway? Oh well, it’s fun to love and it’ll only hurt if I let it. In other words, enjoy the fact that I have a heart.

Six weeks to write a history article I know nothing about and no time to do it in? Oh well, it pays what I deserve and opens to door to a magazine that I eventually hope to write personal narratives for. I’ll find the time.

Car cost $782 to repair? Oh well, my check from the Pacific University financial aid office arrived today. Borrowed money from the feds never looked so good. And the tires that almost killed me? Dad to the rescue.

Parents still obsessed with ex-boyfriend and arranging get-togethers when I’d rather just find my way back to him on my own? Oh well, at least if I end up marrying him they’ll already love each other like family (especially considering that they see more of each other than I see of any of them).

Worried about my weight? Oh well, the soy ice cream I bought is gone and I don’t need to buy anymore. Dog sitting at my parents’ house next week where the exercise bike is.

And so my adventures in optimism go. They are thwarted occasionally by self-doubt but so far, I am able to turn things back around and keep charging ahead. This is all in the name of writing. I can’t put my heart and soul into the words if my heart and soul are tortured by stressful situations of my own making.

Onward ho! Clearing the plate so that I can fill up with a towering entrée of sentences!

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