One year of blogs.

And as promised, dear readers, I will stop for seven days beginning tomorrow.

After seven days I will either post amended rules for the blog and/or retreat for seven more days, before coming all the way back to the page.

What began as an impromptu creative attempt at motivating myself to practice writing everyday has led to (at its peak) forty readers a day, a few published narratives, some new contacts, and almost 400 pages single-spaced of new creative material. I was even dubbed “e-woman” by a local regional publication for the blog – a label that I find occasionally flattering and always humorous, given the fact that I’m on dial-up and pee in a bucket. But really, this has all led to much more than I expected – and what can I say?

I can say this: I have finally begun to understand the notion of practice for a writer. I have dug my heels into the notion of an audience – that’s you – and seen how important, inspiring, and encouraging that can be. I have discovered inspiring threads in my life that I want to write essays about: my former students, healing and Chinese medicine, friendship, my physical surroundings, matters of the heart, to name a few.

To recap, the structure was thus: 250-1,000 words per night every night no matter what, post first drafts only, never blog about blogging, and be honest.

Suggestions for new rules, new topics, new themes, new anythings will be highly appreciated! Post comments or email. What worked? What didn’t? What’s boring? What’s compelling? Stop now or keep going?

Thank you so much for reading!!!!!

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  • Katherine H

    Keep going, Katey. I have considered stepping away from my blog (now going strong for 7 months) so that I can turn more attention to my book. But you’re right, blogging has been a great exercise in the practice of writing. It sounds like you have drawn a lot of inspiration from the experience. In my opinion, when that dries up, it will be time to move on.

    I always appreciate your sense of wonder.


  • Shelley-Lynne Domingue

    Yes Keep Going! I’ve only started reading you recently and You’ve inspired me. Plus look back at your own entry listing all the things you got from doing this daily practice… why give that up

  • Marisa

    Katey, I love your blog and have completely enjoyed what you’ve produced here. I think you should keep going, just as you’ve been. Enjoy your time off!

    hugs, Marisa

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