Carolina Mountains Literary Festival

Hello Planet!
Friday and Saturday is the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival!
Are you going?

Yes. Books. Writers. Readers. Mountains. Sunshine like glitter on turning maple leaves. The Poet Laureate of North Carolina, herself. Live music. Workshops on getting published. Workshops on literature trends. Discussion groups and literary teas. Book signings and readings galore. An open mic hosted by poet guru and supermom, Britt Kaufmann, my close friend and writerly hero.

Come one, come all!

A shameless plug? Indeed.

But seriously…

I woke up this morning to that image and my first thoughts were the simile. Sunlight like glitter on turning maple leaves. When I lie on my back in bed, I can stare out the loft windows and look straight up into the trees, the sky, and against one wall, the ridgeline of the Black Mountains. It is a view I will never tire of. Sunshine, for the first time in a week. And throughout the day, blue skies, wispy clouds, the tongue of fall now covering the land. If hadn’t been for the reality of homework and a shift at the coffeehouse, my boots would have carried me huff-quick up those mountains, a few thousand feet closer to that brilliant light.

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