A Pat on the Back

A pat on the back. We all deserve one. Give yourself one, then pass it on.

It’s been a roller coaster writer month. I deserve a recap:

Four weeks (MFA):
1,230 pages read.
Seventy pages of new writing, if you count the blogs.
Twenty-five if you don’t.
A few new poems.

Practical world (freelance):
Three essays forthcoming, all high-color glossy magazines.
One scholarship application out.
Two query letters out.
Three nonfiction submissions out.
One freelance project applied for, offered, and accepted (for my winter bread and butter).

Critiques (extracurricular):
Critiqued four other short essays or poems (by different writers).
Critiqued ten poems for Cam, as a part of our current collaboration.
Have had four poems critiqued by Cam already.
Two more in the ranks.

Jobby-Job (coffeehouse):
Finally working 25+ hours per week, therefore awarding me health insurance at only $20 per month from my paycheck.
Next pay period might, just might, cover my credit card bill from car repairs without having to dip into savings. Yay-rah!

Britt has a victory at the Literary Festival!
Vic is done moving to and from and into and out of all her houses/housesitting gigs!
Richelle is in love!
Lindsay is leaving her job!
Huck is MIA, but out there, for sure!
Dave fantasizes!
Kelly gets a full ride for the NC nursing program!

Attempts at continuation of the species, or at least, ascertaining physical comforts for the long winter ahead:
A retrospective was offered
A diversion has occured
Life goes on. I’m only human.

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