Row, Row, Row Your Boat

The question of sanity arises in the face of too many things to do. I have ten poems to edit for Cam. [Can I put this off ‘till next week? Yes, he says, of course.] An essay to edit for myself to submit to Oregon Quarterly. Another essay to submit to the critique group Britt and I started. 150 pages left of Didion to read before Monday. Our State wants the final draft of our contract for the essay coming out in December. Then there are eight nonfiction submissions to read and judge for the Silk Road literary magazine, of which I am one of the senior editors. More submissions are flowing in every week. Then there’s the craft letter to write to my advisor, no later than Monday, plus a final read on the thirty pages I’m sending him.

Oh, and I’ll be on retreat all weekend at the meditation center in BigCity, NC.

But tonight Mel (from Women’s Singing Night) and I went to see PD’s gallery opening in BigCity, NC and then treated ourselves to dinner out. It was such a rich evening, that I’ve got to get the story of our time together down on paper. So, a compromise is in the works. I’ll post one blog between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. That blog will likely be about my time with Mel. Otherwise, I’m on retreat and off the computer. By Monday night I will have officially finished my first semester of grad school and will therefore be available to the world again. I might even run laps around the little cabin in the woods.

Fair enough? Hope so.

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