Truth and deception poem.
Use an analogy. 20 minutes.
Ready, set, go!
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I could lie all day
to this computer screen,
weave a story with
the blinking cursor
of your love,
tell about how you
loved me
loved me not,

tell about the night we met,
sky clear enough to crack
under the unflinching stare
of a full moon.

But it wouldn’t be the same
as the truth of you
standing in my kitchen,
breath close enough to taste
hand afraid to touch but already reaching,
then how I dropped the spatula,
forgot the eggs,
nestled instead into
the crook of your arm where
that smell I knew as us
was still alive.

It wouldn’t be the same
as the truth of you
backpedaling out the door,
sulking down the drive,
turn signal blinking like a pulse
deleting yourself from my life.

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