Schizo Night

I haven’t seen Parker in two weeks so when he comes over there is plenty to talk about. Mostly though, I watch how at ease I feel because I have no agenda.

[Hello World! It’s me! I HAVE NO AGENDA!!!]

This is the kind of perspective I’ve longed for all along – just being with someone I’m attracted to and letting that be. And so we talk…and talk and talk and talk and then we’re laughing again like before and it feels great. I’ve had a heartsick and weary day and became so trapped up in my head that I forgot to drive an elderly friend to a meeting that I promised I’d attend with her. Needless to say, Parker’s his cheerfulness, his wide-as-the-sea eyes and rosebud cheeks, the joy of his facial expressions – all of this is very comforting.


Promise: I will not write about boys/men/love/lust if it inflates something that is just a sliver of life, if it extrapolates on circumstances and makes unjustified inferences, it if in any way adds to a false sense of elation on my part.

That said, I think I’ll write a poem instead, even though my time with Parker was HEALTHY and NORMAL today.

Prompt: Choose a poem title from the table of contents of a book of poems. Write. Five minutes. Ready, set, go!

Title chose: One Cell
From: Dorianne Laux’s Facts About the Moon

My take:

Pinhead world of cosmic consequences,
if peace could penetrate
that Great Wall,
ease through
your border of defense,
your genetic
code, coil
unravel completely the
Punnent Square
of violence,
then slowly,
like a patient seamstress
stitch back the marrow
of our making—
making us whole again,
as good as new.

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