Ummm…How do I even begin?

New Rule:
[To be applied to last night, and hopefully never again]No blogging when your throat is so swollen it feels like you’re sucking on a hard boiled egg and just when you finally get in the car to go home, turning the keys, shifting into gear and pulling out into the middle of the street, something the size of Haley’s Comet falls from the bottom of your car with an undeniably decisive thud.
No blogging when you realize that contained within that undeniably decisive thud are all the thoughts and worry and financial straing you might feel given that you’re 55 miles from home at midnight, sucking on a hard boiled egg, without a cell phone, and ten dollars in your checking account.
No blogging when you’re picked up by Wayne, from BigCity Recking Company, who is kind and sweet and tells you stories all the way home and doesn’t charge you for the extra miles between the mechanic’s shop and the Silver Bullet, where you friend has parked her car and will safely drive you home.

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