Poem Experiment


What was it you said about
patience, justice, faith, love
that was lost on me somewhere between
your cancers and your chemos
your Navajo healing soil
your raiki and
your chocolate peanut butter M&M’s?

How, upon waking did you know
to dance naked on the porch
praise sunrise and sunset
beachfront and mountain slope?

Tell me again
how it was you knew death’s knock
in the chamber of your heart that day

how you held its cold hand
as if holding a child’s
saying “Come on, I’ll lead the way”
not a flinch of fear on your face.

Speak up now
through the backlash of your blood-stained lungs
your hidden tumors and secret multipliers
your morphine drip and last requests

dare me to remember
the wisdom in your breath
the insight in your eyes
the warmth of your life.

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