Housewarming Party

“Hello!” I hear Vic’s sweet voice before I see her, then she pops around the corner from the mud room with that wide, knowing smile. She, her husband, and her mother-in-law are the first guests to my housewarming party and we are all hugs and kisses and smiles. They pause at first, looking from side to side, then up to the vaulted ceiling. Then, they are drawn like magnets to the south-facing wall of windows that overlooks the mountains. Their silence says it all and I blush, still afraid to believe that I’m really here.

I give them the tour and it all feels right again. The entire house has the feeling of being both grounded and uplifted at the same time. It hangs down the side of the mountain, but the upper floors are so firmly grounded into the earth that nothing feels precarious.

Noelle and her dog Mr. Wetherford arrive next, all huffing and puffing from the hike up. She’s wearing her bright green backpack, of course, and immediately I serve her wine and some leftovers from dinner. “At least it’s easier the second time,” she says after a toast. “And I brought your flashlight back for you, too.”

Soon after, Gordon arrives with food and Sangria, fresh oranges to slice, and his happy dog Sophie. I turn some music on, there are drinks all around, and we all begin to soak up the view. DT, Raz, Wesley, and Deb arrive next and the house feels more alive with people and energy than it has since I’ve been here. Still, the space amazes me, as it never seems to fill up but everyone seems so comfortable.

The sun begins to set and we let the natural light fade in the house, sipping our drinks and wandering between the porch and the main living area. I give the tour several times, then there is a knock at the door. It swings open and the young Zac and Sammy bound through, leap across the hardwood floor, and offer polite hugs and hellos. They are my neighbors and two of the most joyful young boys I know from the Montessori school. Their mother is an artist and friend, and was the original builder of the house.

It’s an immeasurable gift – the gift of space and time, solitude and sanctity. I could not have dreamed of nor designed a more inspiring place, let alone imagined I’d be asked to live in it and care take. The energy is so commanding, the vibe so inspiring, the view so undeniably beautiful, that I cannot help but make healthy decisions here. Hello world, I am slowly starting to get back on track! I spent the afternoon writing and the evening among friends who make me feel loved and whom I love in return. I meditated three times today, woke up to do yoga, and drank loads of fresh spring water. This is where I need to be.

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