Windind Down

It’s becoming a tradition to stop at the Red Thicket Gallery on my way home from work. With a beep of the horn and a hand wave through the sun roof, I get a warm welcome and holler from the gallery owners, my friends, DT and Raz. I keep a beer cold in the fridge during my shift at the coffeehouse, then store it under the seat for the fifteen minute drive to the gallery, where we pop tops and sit down on the new deck for an end of the day drink.

It’s small, but it feels like the beginning of something. Certainly, it’s a commitment to living here, in this new place, one county over from the South Toe Valley. It’s also a commitment to friendship and good, neighborly ways. All three of us are here for a while, if life goes easy on us, by which I mean none of us plan on leaving any time soon. Since so many of the friends I make at the craft school come and go, good friends that stick around can be hard to find.

I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to read constantly and produce new words daily – even though right now I am on my little break between semesters. I’ve got to remember to take a breather. Or at least that I can read and write without pressure and without critique. Just for fun – imagine that! Time to pop the top on my brain, too, I guess…get in there and mix things up a bit, relax, and breathe deeply.


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