Day 17

It’s our first full day and already we are flying. Marvin is all bells and whistles in the best ways possible, but also gets down to the heart of it during the first craft talk of the residency. Some choice quotes:

“The penalty for education is self-consciousness.”

“Literature seeks its own level like water…I do feel it’s a survival skill.”

“Art is the big yes.”

“Art can save your life.”

“There are many ways to be a poet and even as we speak, someone is finding a new way to do it.”

“Poetry and philosophy both rummage in the unknown.”

On writing in the dark: “The mind at that hour begins to let go of its rational linkages.”

Later, there is a panel discussion on how to give a good reading. Jokes pitting poetry against prose abound, all in good humor, and keep the discussion lively. At night, Claire and Joe read and blow my mind. They’re my favorite, so it’s thrilling to start off with such a bang.

To “meet” the faculty, check out these cool, brief, Today’s Pics: interview videos online. I watch them when I miss my friends and need words of wisdom on the craft of writing.

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