The Anniversary is Coming Soon!

Tonight, back on Fork Mountain. PD calls and needs help taking care of the animals while she is away. Like a good neighbor, she also asks about my ankle. I explain the truck situation and she says after she gets the brakes fixed on hers, that I may be able to park it at the bottom of the drive and use it each day to get up and down the hill. I take a deep breath. This sounds like good news, good enough to put faith in it and try to cultivate a little turning around of things for the better.

It is a day of numbers. Day four of my little fitness plan. And even more exciting, five days until the 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Writing Life blog. Last year, I took a week or two off to reflect on the nature of the blog and adjust some of my guiding principles. This year, I’ve decided to post an “interview with the author.” I thought about this for a while and almost feel bashful doing it. But I’m going to go ahead and put it out there because one of the oddities of an internet audience is that interaction between readers and writers is limited, yet on some level, intimacy is not. The internet is a safe and scary place all at once. How does that work? I’ve been lucky on these pages to encounter only good tastes, friendly & intelligent readers, and like-minded people.

I already have a few questions I know I’ll pose and answer in the post, because they are questions I get all the time but have never addressed directly in a post. Beyond that, any question is fair game. Mostly, I’m thinking that I can use this exercise as a way to reflect on the writing process and the writing life, based on your questions about that. Some readers have been with these pages from day one, a fact I find astonishing, flattering, and most of all–a fact that has supported me in times of doubt and worry. Post a comment with your question, and I’ll post an interview sometime during the anniversary week.

  • cosima franke

    Hey Katey,
    Sounds like a very good idea the interview with you. Right now I don’t have a question but to fill you in on my life you can read my blog on xanga. If you would like go to xanga and look me up from the username. My username is :frankec

    Thanks! I am glad your ankle is better. Lots of love! ~Cosi

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