Adventures in Online Dating: Chapter Three TEAMWORK

[These are going to be posted rapid-fire so if you’re catching up, scroll down and read in reverse order!]

Match #1, the physical therapist and the one I’m holding out for yet, sends his answers back to me and then sends his First Questions. He wants to know:

1. When in a relationship, how much personal space do you generally find you need?
A) I don’t have a great need for “personal space”. I like lots of together time.
B) I find my time spent working is enough personal time, the rest I like to spend with my partner.
C) As long as I can get one night a week to myself, my personal space needs are met.
D) When I’m with my partner I’m completely there, but I do need considerable time for personal reflection.
E) Fill in the blank.

2. How important is chemistry to you?
A) I need to feel that instant “click”
B) within the first couple of dates I need to sense a certain chemistry
C) I think chemistry can be generated over the long-term with someone I really like
D) I don’t believe chemistry is really important to a successful relationship

3. When going somewhere:
A) I am usually early
B) I am usually on time
C) I am usually late
D) I am often very late or don’t show

4. Which of the following quirks would bother you most about your partner?
A) uses poor grammar
B) tends to cling to you in social situations
C) is not familiar with current events
D) superstitious

5. How much ongoing stress do you have in your life?
A) I have almost no stress in my life.
B) I have a small amount of ongoing stress.
C) I have a fairly high level of constant stress.
D) I have a very stressful life.
E) Fill in the blank.

I get an hour long break from the double shift I’m pulling at work, and drive down the mountain to Noelle’s house, sit her down, and help her through her profile. Yes, my friends, this is now a joint effort. Two single, artistic, women in the mountains seeking online dating for the first time. Noelle paces the floor, pets her dog, hemms and haws while I read the questions outloud and we fill out her Profile. Within an hour, her Personality Profile is complete.

Meanwhile, there are more New Matches coming in than I can keep track of. It’s 12 noon on Monday…have I even been doing this for 24 hours? Match #2, the Buddhist who lives too far away, has yet to pop up on the radar. But, what’s this? Match #3? Requesting my attention? Yes, he sends his First Questions, and between Closing Matches of other New Matches that are too far away, I shoot back my answers and the same First Questions to him.

Noelle looks over my shoulder, and we agree to meet after work to finish her About Me page and search for Matches to see if she wants to pay and join. By 5:30pm she has New Matches and is credit card ready, and we huddle in the back computer room of the now closed coffeehouse, laughing at the absurdity of it all and yes, charging that damn $60 fee to her card.

[Note to readers: eHarmony offers a $20/month rate after this initial fee, they just don’t advertise it as a monthly pay-as-you-go option until after they’ve got your first nickels and dimes…for what it’s worth.]

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