A neighbor tells me that the buckeye is turning early this year because of the drought. Either way, each day claims a few more leaves, yellow speckles across green leaves bright and bold enough to evoke Miro—his ambers and dashes of gold, the simple bravery of red, each of them unique when placed in such simple contrast.

I have a meditation friend whose gemstone blue eyes make the rest of the world lean in for a closer look. They are so brilliant it is as if such tone and shading of one of our most common colors has never before and never shall be replicated in the precise way as it is in her eyes. And somehow, when I look at her eyes, everything else pales in comparison…But when I return my gaze to the backdrop of her garden, her delightful dogs, a passing swallowtail, the rest of the world looks even brighter for having her in it.

What a gift, the gift of color. And as many colors as there are in the spectrum, there are as many emotions available in the realm of the human experience. The nervousness of a first date. The anticipation of new friendship. The loyalty of lasting friendships. The loss of the right words.

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