Victory on the Mountain!

Victory on the mountain, folks!

1. After ten weeks of not walking up the driveway because of my self-procured ankle hamburger in a soccer game accident, TODAY I MADE IT ALL THE WAY UP AND DOWN!
2. Not only that, but I raked and hauled gravel, filled ruts and smoothed bumps, cleared sticks and large rocks, and YES, drove my Volvo on up the driveway. She made it all the way up, first try, and I didn’t even have to ride the clutch very much. It occurs to me now that driving a truck up and down the driveway all summer is exactly what the driveway needed, because now that it’s packed I can get up there fine with a two-wheel drive vehicle.
3. I also had the motivation (thanks to the crisp, fall air) to sort through the woodpile, stacking scrap lumber and reclaiming usable logs for the Buck stove. When all was said and done I found I’ve got a small stack of very ready, very dry wood to burn (about 4’x3’x5’).

The result?

I feel like myself again!

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