And, We’re Back…

I cancel the appointment with my MD because,

1. I have one month of work left before seasonal layoff and a winter schedule, which will afford a lot of time for balance, meditation, and yoga if I make it happen. Which I will.

2. I know in my heart I want to try alternative methods before taking medication. This is something I don’t know the size or scope of yet, but I feel I have the power and means to address it holistically first, therefore I will do so. I also know that taking drugs would sort of kill a part of me, metaphorically speaking, and just the psychological effects of even knowing that can’t be good.

3. And because I got more information from my acupuncturist who says, among other things:
“Here is what I can tell you about the CM (chinese medicine) view of panic attacks and anxiety. Usually there is an underlying blood deficiency- this means that attacks can come on or worsen when someone has been sleep deprived, post-menses, anemic or history of anemia, stress, being over-committed, having too much to bear, not having a sense of or not being able to see one’s purpose, acting against one’s integrity. Also other deficiencies (yin) or excesses (heat or cold) can contribute to these feelings. We
heavily rely on herbal medicine for replenishing the blood and yin. Acupuncture is helpful too. [Insert two paragraphs of personal background info and advice pertinent to that.] You don’t have to take drugs: that is my belief and experience. Of course, if you choose to do so, I encourage you to take herbs and continue on your path of listening and tuning in to your inner body and knowledge through yoga and meditation and acupuncture. I agree with your Dad on the merits of counseling – not forever or once a week, even, but to know you have a haven to process thoughts and be reminded of
life’s gifts and tuning in.”

And today, in the world of trying to take one day at a time, was quite magnificent, calm, and productive. Glory be!

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