Submissions Update

Good news folks! I got a poem accepted by Perigee, the literary journal, today! It will come out next week and is available online, so I will share the URL once I have it.

No, this was not from the recent flurry of submissions. It was from the last one – June ’07. That’s how long it takes, I suppose. And my Colorado poet got accepted by Perigee as well, so we’ll both be in the same issue which is pretty exciting! Also, it looks like BK will be in a regional publication this winter as well, and we could have our essays alongside each other, and paychecks to go along with it. Yippee!

So, what’s on the menu? I have six things out there right now, most of which will take months to hear back from, if not a quarter of a year. That means I’ve got to send more stuff out while I can, if I have it, and then enter that cave of the waiting period once again. Oh, and did I mention I should be doing my homework as well?

Yes, yes. Homework. My advisor loves the lyrical essays. She says “yeeha” numerous times in her letters to me. She also reminds me that Flannery O’Connor never used flashbacks and gives me an assignment to that affect. Yeeha?


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