Day 13

Not much to say today…an excellent day, even though things are winding down. Here are some quotes:

“Self-doubt keeps you attentive.”

“To write once sentence is to announce the possibility of the next.”

“The sentence is to the story what the line is to the poem.”

“Writing is a metabolic activity.”

“Give a damn and go on your nerve.”

“Perfection is basic.”

“Free verse is not a form but a method for finding new forms.”

“Originality is in reality an amalgam of influences.”

“X is for the unknown…The mysterious cannot be extracted simply by means of an X-ray.”

Today’s pic is actually a link on the sidebar of my website to an online journal, Cadillac Cicatrix, which just published a three-part personal narrative I wrote about moving to The South. Every part of the narrative started in a first-draft form on this blog and while I don’t write much like that now, it’s exciting to see it finally published. The printed version will be available later this winter. Click here if you’re interested.

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