Days 3 & 4

The 1969 vintage Mercedes Benz which Jane and I so proudly drove around the city died in downtown Beaverton yesterday. Hence, no blog post. Hence, the rented Ford Fusion. Hence the delayed city tour.

All is well in the rainy city, though, and Jane and her car were safely towed back home to Seattle, yes 175 miles, to the tune of $225. Yowzah.

I still can’t seem to get my spirit to catch up with my body. I am here but I am not sleeping and I’m fending off the anxiety again. Joe’s special tincture of Chinese herbs has been working for months, but all within the protected mountain walls of my NC life. Here, the stimulation is tenfold, the obligations are twentyfold, and the uncertainty seems to be thirtyfold.

I’m hoping for sleep and piece of mind tonight–tomorrow Cam and I hit the road for Seaside, Oregon and our first day of the residency.

Will do my best to keep the posts going now that the whirlwind not-quite-here-yet experience is coming to a close. For now, pictures are posted on the sidebar of my website.

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