Dispatches from the Outside World

Two things came my way today:

One, a fortune from a fortune cookie: “Happier days are definitely ahead for you, struggle has ended.”

Two, a personal manifesto titled “Visionaries” by George Hessenthaler, which I will quote in-full here:

“When beginning a new task, based on some inner, personal vision, some ‘magnificent obsession’ it always requires 3.5 times more money, 6.5 times more effort and eight times more time! It is never easy or simple or fun. It is always arduous, difficult, all-consuming, expensive, unappreciated, underestimated, unrewarding, misunderstood, demanding, demeaning, delusionary and fraught with failure, frustrations and fatigue and it must remain a profoundly solitary undertaking. Magnificent obsessions are always myopic and totally self-centered. They require every ounce of self-discipline, self-esteem and self-motivation and they are always urgent, pressing and non-forgiving. You are obliged to develop Herculean human communication and motivational skills and you are never permitted the luxury of exhibiting emotional eruptions.

“Why then would anyone in his right mind attempt anything new? If you have been cursed with a vision, if you have seen a better way, you have no acceptable alternative path. Many have closed their eyes to the inner vision and have gone to their graves untested, miserable and untriumphant. Visions are merciless. They drive and frazzle and force you to action. With the vision comes the absolute surety that it can be achieved and that you can achieve it. Visionaries, like missionaries, can overcome all odds, every ridicule and all obstacles. The gift (for they cannot be purchased at any price) of a clear, clean, crisp vision is the greatest single incentive a man can possess.”


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