Ready for Round Three

Call it optimistic spring cleaning. I turned my second packet in and got immediately to work sweeping, dusting, and mopping all 2,100 square feet of the house on Fork Mountain.

Next? I split wood for two hours, collected kindling, and checked the kerosene and propane levels in the tanks.

And next? I gathered five boxes worth of clothes, kitchen things, and a few technical books to donate.

After that, I cleared the top of my desk one paper at a time, file by hefty file. I paid bills. I queried two magazines. I edited an essay on an artist. I wrote a letter of recommendation for grant funding for a museum project I’m involved in. I edited a novel for a publishing company I’m guest editing for. I cleared out both email inboxes. I updated my resume and list of current publications.

My intention, besides keeping the house perfectly presentable for potential buyers, is to clear the special palate. I have three weeks to revise 70 pages that will be the first draft of my thesis, due on March 17th. Oh, and I ought to read four books (1,000 pages) between now and then as well. The only way to approach such a task is by clearing everything else around it first. Why? Because once I sit down to begin the real work, nothing will remain to distract myself with.

Tonight, Eve’s Night Out poetry reading and Valentine extravaganza. Tomorrow, time with my family before mom takes off on a three-week trip. Sunday, time with my critique group in BigCity, NC. Inbetween, reading, reading, reading. Sunday night? Let the revising begin.

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