Update and Uplifted

Today, I offer website updates!

See the sidebar for a link to a recently published essay (the origins of which began right here, on this blog).

Also, new forthcoming work listed on the lower half of the main page.

And one small victory not noted on the site: Today, a phone call soliciting my words about someone else’s art, for the lovely sum of $500 for one page. No, I did not ask for that amount. They offered it. Now, it won’t be in print until late 2008 but, oh JOY! That check is indicative of a reputation three years in the making, and it’s so rewarding to feel things come back around. Days like this make me believe that yes, eventually, I WILL be able to support myself as a freelancer and buy myself time to continue working on creative nonfiction and fiction.

  • Felicity

    WOW! A solicited review? You reign, my dear, you REIGN!

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