Thesis Update

Out of 18 lyrical essays submitted in the first draft of my thesis, two have to go and two need major revisions. A handful of others need better titles. After that, the nonfiction part of my thesis is good to go. Out of 3 short stories I submitted in the first draft of my thesis, one needs major revisions, another needs to be touched up, and the third is complete.

Is this actually possible? The final draft is due in one month and I am scheduled to turn in one more packet to my advisor between now and then, plus she’s suggested a phone conversation.

I worked the hardest I’ve ever worked in January and February, into the first week of March but I never could have anticipated the feeling of lightness I have now. I will confess that it is tinged with a slight tremor of self-doubt. The thought of being “done” feels so foreign after almost two years of never being “done.” What does done mean? What does it feel like? Is it an actual state of being? What happens after “done”?

  • Felicity

    I think I know what you mean. Every story I tuck into that ‘done’ folder gives me a shiver of guilt — can it really be that easy? Can I really be trucking along on my thesis? Shouldn’t there be a hill to climb both ways in the snow?

    And then the future, yes…but that’s just the same old fear — the empty page.

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