Inhale on Preparation

The question isn’t whether or not I will pass the test. At this level, instructors see when you’re ready to test, and then invite you to the challenge to see you succeed. And even though it totally intimidates me to think of having other karateka watching my every move, it would feel too insignificant without them there. Everyone in the dojo wants everyone else to succeed.

The question is, how well can I perform for my test? Can I do the best I’m capable of at the time? Will I feel proud of what I’ve done in the end? Will I know I couldn’t have done anything differently? That is all I hope for. My knees, however, beg to differ. They (yes, now both of them) have been hurting since Thursday’s class and I’m worried but there is nothing I can do except be careful and wait until I see the doctor (4/23).

I suppose, as my dad suggested, I could stop practicing karate.

Hah. That’s like asking me to be someone other than I am and therefore, not an option. He only says that because he cares and doesn’t want to see me in pain (or in surgery) and yet…I simply cannot stop. I will find a way. There are people in there with far more complicated physical challenges than myself.

  • alessa

    that’s right, get a paper bag and inhale, so you don’t hyperventilate! Calm down, the first test is always the hardest. You’ve already done the test, unofficially… now you do the moves solo.

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