Update on the Knees, Please

It’s as I suspected. My core muscles and my inner thigh muscles are not strong enough and my higher level of physical activity (karate) it is exacerbating an already developing condition called patella femoral syndrome, quite common in, ahem, wide-hipped women. Hah.

I’m asked to take glucosamine chondroiton three times a day for at least three months ($21 per bottle/month) and see a physical therapist for regular sessions ($70 copay to get in the door). Likewise, I need to follow up with my regular MD in six weeks ($35 to get in the door).

I say thumbs up to the glucosamine chondroiton, I schedule 2-3 PT treatments and ask for a home plan, and I decline the follow up with the MD, saying I’ll schedule it separately if I do not see improvement.

Observations: It could be much, much worse.

Gratitudes: Despite the fact that copay costs seems to be going up as fast as gas prices, I am grateful for the health insurance that I can buy into as an employee of the craft school.

Grievances: “Syndrome” is officially my least favorite word.

Goals: Get the job done and keep on keepin’ on. I’m not geriatric…yet.

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