Prep for the Party

Tomorrow night is the big MFA thesis reading at my house! A friend is organizing the potluck and reading for me, so I get to celebrate with my NC peeps and practice for the reading that will happen next month for graduation. Afterwards, a bunch of women friends are spending the night (might as well, after trekking it up so far) for our seasonal Girl’s Night on Fork Mountain celebration. Ya-hoo!

In preparation, I weeded for two hours yesterday. This afternoon, I weed-whacked for two hours (the driveway is half a mile long, plus a few side areas that needed to be dealt with) and cleaned the waterbars on the road, then lifted any precarious stones or branches off the road as well. Tomorrow, I’ll rake gravel for a few hours and then, finally, I think the road will be set for real traffic.

Also in preparation, I’ve been researching binderies all week and finally found one that is used by a local university. I special ordered 24-pound acid-free archival quality paper, printed two copies of my thesis from my home printer, and boxed is all up with a note to the bindery, rush order. The buckram bound leather ones will cost $40 each! Meanwhile, I had three floppy copies made at the local print center, spiral bound, and they’re sitting on my desk right now. I’ll read from one of them tomorrow night.

  • Sonya

    Katey—Wow, how funny….I just went online to look at archive issues of M Review (they just notified me that they want to publish one of my poems this summer) and found your name and face! Don’t know if you remember me….we were at Whitman together and worked some on bluemoon. I hope all is well with you–drop a line if you get a chance!

    Sonya Hess

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