Day 7

Perhaps the best part of the day was the evening reading at Elk Cover winery, with live music, an open bar, and three top notch faculty readings. Or perhaps it was the student open-mic reading, the lovely and myriad ways we each find our ways to express ourselves. But for tonight’s post, I will offer this Mad Lib, yes, a Mad Lib. Just one relic of the many hours we spent laughing and coming up with words sitting around the kitchen tonight. My roommates and I had a small crowd over, and the most striking thing we learned is that when you get a roomful of writers to play Mad Libs, the most difficult word for them to come up with is, hands down, and adverb. It’s been taught out of us, and for good reason!


My “Dream Man” should, first of all, be very [fast] and [frilly]. He should have a physique like [John Lithgow], a profile like [Pee Wee Herman], and the intelligence of a [wildebeast]. He must be polite and always remember to [bowl] my [tongue], to tip his [chub], and to take my [duodenum] when crossing the street. He should move [thrustily], should have a [turgid] voice, and should always dress [closely]. I would also like him to be a [parademidic] dancer, and when we’re alone, he should whisper [rapturous] nothings in my [zyphoid process] and hold my [aggressive] [hambone]. I know a [thirsty] man like this is hard to find. In fact, the only one I can think of is [Smoky Wombat].

…Needless to say, laughter abounds…

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