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Today I got two acceptances from art magazines for more features on artists that I want to interview. Today is also the day that the AWGP application for 2008 went live, and as I read the description for the Short-Form projects (that’s me), I swear to god the music in the back of my mind was “Cuz I’ve got the golden ticket, I’ve got the golden ticket!” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here’s what the summary says:

“Short-Form Writing: This category is designed to support writers working on texts of 1,000 words or less that respond to current exhibitions, events, and issues in the visual arts (magazine and newspaper review, etc.). Applicants to this category will propose to write an approximate number of texts over a fixed period of time, not to exceed one year. Of particular (although not exclusive) interest in this category are writers who work outside established art-world centers, writers whose work is geared to non-specialized readers, and younger authors for whom the opportunity to spend an extended period of time devoted to writing would have a transformative impact on their careers.”

And here is a blurb from the budget description: “The expenses section of your budget should include a ‘writer’s fee’ for the period during which you will be working on your project. This money can be used toward living expenses, however you define them. If you will be taking time off from another from of income-producing employment, we suggest you base your writer’s fee on the salary or free-lance rate you will be foregoing in order to devote your time to your project.”


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  • Felicity

    That does sound remarkably Kateyesque 🙂

  • Writer

    Writing career is a good career. To become a good writer you have to be a good reader because you have to think from the readers point of view. What the reader will read ? What will be the contents of article so that reader come to read it.

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