Taking a Look in the Mirror

Oh my god.

Today I saw a line on my arm.

Not a chiseled line. Not a firm line. Not even a long line. But for reals – a bon a fide line of muscle, dimpling the skin at the very back of my upper arm, where the triceps nears the elbow. We’re talking at the ultra flabbiest, weakest point on most women’s arms; that soft, inner flesh just above the joint that’s so untouched it still feels like a baby’s skin.

It sort of forms a modest J shape, a nice compliment to the biceps line I already have, and now I can see how perfectly the two were meant to go together.

Really? An inkling of refined triceps? On me?

Yes. Oh Yes.

Victory lap around the dojo, please, because seriously, this is a milestone! Hoorah!

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