They Don’t Know What They’re Missing

He’s been flirting with all three of us, Sarah and Laura and me, and that’s precisely what we’re laughing about this evening over tall glasses of wine and fresh salad from the gardens. It’s Wednesday night and when I walked in the door of Sarah’s house, the first thing they said to me was, “What’s the word from the craft school? Any action from J?”

I smiled. J? Why, yes. He popped in this afternoon and he was there when I got off work. He was there at the concert in BigCity last week and at the Café off the parkway two weekends before that. And he gives these great hugs and his chest is like a pad of iron and when he smiles he makes you feel like you’re the reason.

All of which are things that Sarah and Laura could say about J as well. Because when he smiles at them, he makes them feel like they’re the reason, too.

The point being: We are three beautiful, twenty-nine year old, independent, successful women living in such slim pickings that same young man can get away with making each of us feel sexy and we’ll put up with it. What’s that old saying, “Get it while you can?” Except, the three of us know better than to mess with dirty laundry, as they say, and so we’re laughing because there’s not a chance that either one of us will actually take his flirting seriously. Women, be weary of the man who flirts with all of them, even if he is quite convincing one-on-one.

Laura’s just gone through a divorce, Sarah wants to find somebody to marry, and I don’t know what I want. (Translation: 80% of the time I’d rather be writing. The other 18% of the time I’m ready to get hitched, and 2% of the time I just want to fool around.)

When I tell them all of this they can only laugh more, because we all know that no matter what type of man we’re looking for, we’re up against the odds in these counties. It’s a delightful laughter and can’t you just see us there? So lovely and red-cheeked from our wine, our fingers delicate around the stems of each glass, and are eyes so bright we could burn holes through any man’s heart.

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