I Will Do These, I Swear

List of things to do by 9/20:

1. Finish paid novel critique
2. Read fiction anthology submissions
3. Read literary journal submissions
4. Ask for Top Secret Fellowship letters of rec
5. Download NC Fellowship application
6. Email friend who borrowed my thesis, try to get it back.
7. Interview and write about DJ
8. Interview and write about MC
9. Interview and write about CC
10. Complete Arts Writers Grant Project
11. Submit to Brevity
12. Submit to Gettysburg Review
13. Enter U30 Narrative Contest
14. Submit to Greywolf
15. Submit to McSweeney’s
16. Write about Core Show for Mtn.X
17. Write about KLWM for Mtn.X
18. Formally query American Craft (CD and all)
19. Set up footbridges interviews
20. Advertise that I do novel critiques in Mtn.X
21. Host 2 literary festival authors (also my former professors)
22. Work at the Coffeehouse while doing all of this
23. Try to meet new people.
24. Spend time with Sarah and Laura.
25. Fall in love and get married
Win the lottery

  • Unclew Marky

    your loving fat and happy uncle was 29 once… he flitted through relationships and wondered if he would find a soulmate too… He didn’t until he was 33… now three kids and 17 years+ later i can look back and still be glad i waited… even if it was painfully lonley sometimes..

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