It Was Light and Then It Was Dark, and Then It Was Light Again

I don’t care if I go crazy! One, two, three, four, five, six, switch!

Crazy go I if care don’t I! Six, five, four, three, two, one, switch!

Submit to Brevity. Check.

Write two more essays and start a third. Check.

Complete most important grant application of my life, including editing it with feedback from four different readers. Submit application. Check.

Set up footbridges interviews for Monday. Check.

Check things off of the Ultimate List of Things To Do by 9/20 List. Check.

Hold head and repeat odd phrases. Check.

Deal with lost hound dogs found sleeping on my porch. Check.

Recent bio submitted to a publisher: Katey Schultz writes from her home near the summit of Roan Mountain and the NC/TN state line. Sometimes she talks to herself and other times she does not. She prefers Beagles to Chihuahua’s any day and wishes she’d invented the phrase, “man’s best friend.” Her writing has appeared in Cadillac Cicatrix, M Review, Oregon Quarterly’s essay contest, Now & Then, Southern Arts Journal, and more. She is Nonfiction editor of Silk Road and Fiction Anthology editor for Main Street Rag. Someday she will publish a book, she swears.

  • richelle

    Never a dull moment in The Life of Katey. Lost hound dogs? This made me laugh!

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