The Hillbillly Psychic

I swore I’d never do it. In fact, most of my life I’ve been not only hesitant to go to a psychic, but superstitious about it. Leave well enough alone, I thought. No need to taint the future with what somebody else thinks may or may not happen. But Wesley’s descriptions of this woman were simply too powerful to ignore. And after a few glasses of wine with friends a few months ago, we all toasted and decided we’d go see the self-dubbed the hillbilly psychic ourselves.

Tonight was such a night, and while I went under the pretense of being about to write about the experience, I was surprisingly swept up in it and cannot even being to comprehend the evening with enough clarity to put it into words just yet.

That said, I can at least attempt to jot down some of her advice to me while it’s still fresh in my head:

1. She told me I had an old man with me in the room that night, someone who was dressed in uniform for the Navy or Air Force. She told me it was my grandfather and that he was doing fine but that he still had work to do and that is why he was with me tonight. (And yes, my grandfather is deceased and yes, he was in the Air Force.)

2. She told me my animal was the dolphin and also that it was the butterfly.

3. She told me that I was in a place where I was trying to find balance between practicality and creativity. She told me that I had one step in practicality and another foot a step up into creativity, and that I’d have to hold out for a while in this place. She told me that I’d know when the time was right to take that leap into my next achievements. She told me that my creativity had a rhythm and it was like this (hand motion: like a single, precise clap, repeated with determination and pacing).

4. She told me that every time she looked at me tonight that I was turning more and more into an oil painting from the 19th century of a very wealthy woman who I was in a past life. She described the painting quite well and, though I didn’t say a word, I knew exactly which painting she was talking about. It is a painting by my great, great, great uncle Franz Xaver Winterhalter of Madame Rimsky-Korsakov. I saw this painting in Paris six years ago and time stopped because I felt like I was looking at myself in another realm. The psychic did not know any of this when I walked in the room but somehow she conjured that woman, who she says in that life had unfinished business with the painter which might be why I came back looking so much like her in another life, a direct descendant of the painter himself. I know, this all sounds hokey, but I’m just trying to get this all down before I forget (and remember, I’m a total skeptic when it comes to this stuff so it’s kind of amazing how good she was).

5. She told me that I need to sleep more. She told me that I think too much. She told me not to be afraid of being wealthy. She told me that she would be very surprised if I didn’t get one of the grants I am applying for. She told me to be careful of what I eat. She told me to do martial arts until I thought I didn’t need to do it anymore but that for now, it was a good thing in my life that provided balance and that there was somebody there for me to benefit from.

6. She told me that GP was one of my soul mates but that he wasn’t the one I would be with ultimately…not unless he changed so much that he was like a different man. She told me that she couldn’t see the person I woudl have as a life partner because I haven’t found him yet.

7. She told me that my mother was worried and confused about me and that she had concern for some man in my life.

8. She told me she could feel New York and Florida and that the name Marie or anyone who is a Pisces might have significance in my future.

That’s all.
For now.


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