Just In Case It Wasn’t Clear

I can’t envision dating someone right now, yet it seems to be the pressing question.
To all the people who keep asking that question:

I insist–I don’t want to be with anyone right now. I’d rather write. I have four or five big irons in the fire for my writing career and I want a handle on at least one of them before I even THINK of messing around with a relationship. Relationships take time and emotional energy. Right now, I am in control of my own time and my own emotional energy and that has allowed me to do as much as I have. To risk that is to risk losing everything.

And furthermore–I’ll know him when I see him. That’s how it’s always been for me and probably always will be. I’m not looking and I’m not expecting. I’m doing my own thing (dammit!) and if in the hurry and flurry of that somebody comes along that demands I take pause in body, mind, and spirit. Well then. I’ll know enough to take the time and make it happen.

Meanwhile–back to work.

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