Things I think about every day, as of late:
1. Whether or not I got enough sleep.
2. What kind of espresso drink I will have that day.
3. If Obama will win or not.
4. Why I haven’t lost any weight in over a year despite the fact that I work out 5 times per week and eat healthy food (last month being the exception, when Doctor’s orders had me on rest)
5. Whether I should grow my hair out again…or not
6. If I will get the Arts Writers grant
7. If my knees hurt, why. If they didn’t, praise for my Physical Therapist. (More days than not, they DON’T hurt!)
8. If the evening forecast means I’ll need to build a fire that night.
9. Why I have resistance to the applications for the Top Secret fellowship and why I keep putting off the NC Fellowship.

Things I am looking forward to as of late:
1. January 20th, 2009 (W’s last day in office)
2. Getting laid off from work this winter (= more time to write)
3. Seeing my parent’s dog Gus, officially the best dog in the world (besides the ones I had growing up, which are now deceased).
4. More footbridges and the next collaboration with Shane (highway expansion project, mines past and present, and more)

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