Holy Good Luck

At the craft school, we have a policy that whenever the school is selling a piece of equipment, staff members get the first chance to buy it before it goes to the general public. If more than one staff member wants the same item, it goes to a lottery. I’ve tried to get several things this way, but have never been the lucky name drawn in the lottery. Until today…

Yes, my friends, for a mere $150 I now own a fully functioning 1987 Ford Ranger 4×4 truck! It’s blue and beat up to perfection but not so beat up you wouldn’t trust it to, say, get you up and down the mountain…

That means I don’t have to hike up the driveway in the freezing cold after a long, hard karate workout. It means I don’t have to backpack my groceries up the 1/2 mile long driveway, which also means I can buy more then 4 rolls of toilet paper at once because I don’t have to worry about what will fit into my backpack and what won’t. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

I get the keys Monday and Dad and I are making a day of it. Check vital fluids, give it a cleaning, poke around the engine, and roar that puppy up the mountain to see how it handles. Yippee!!

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