And, We’re Back

Anybody else dizzy from the roller coaster? What a week!

Today – wise words from two friends:

First, from one of my former Montessori teachers:
“You know, as a Montessori teacher one of my hardest tasks was to stand by as a child struggled with some task, tying a bow or zipping a jacket perhaps, and not intervene, not fix it or make it better, but respect the struggle that is life and learning and getting better and making one’s way by one’s self…So, I’m going to stand by respectfully. Respectful of you, your talent, your effort, your passion, your disappointment and uncertainty and frustration and doubt…”

And second, from the whacky, lovely, hilarious, Wesley. She writes in regard to the Andy Warhol grant, which I did not even make the first cuts for:
“Do you really want to be associated with an overblown scenester who wore a silver wig and weird underwear and had tiny yappy flea-ridden dogs and self-important paranoia and a frequently snotty attitude to all those he deemed inferior, from random gay cab drivers to Grace Jones? (For real, all that shit is in his diaries and I know cause I bought a copy at Wildflowers for $2. So there!)”

Aren’t friend’s great?

Better still:
Today I was awarded a $1,000 grant to attend AWP in Chicago, February 2009. Windy city, here I come! Upswing, here I come!

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