The Next Phase in Footbridges

Shane and I took a big step today, submitting our first proposal for publication to a literary journal. The title of our combined efforts is Lost Crossings: A Contemplative Look at Western North Carolina’s Historic Footbridges. If accepted, all 45 pages of revised writings and 20-30 images could go online with an interactive click-and-go map that will guide users through the footbridges.

We also prepared a minimum and maximum budget necessary to fund our September exhibit. Bottom line, we need $1,150 to pull off the show, and in an ideal world we’d get $2,200. That’s if we publish only 50 books and up to 100 maps, and frame just 15 photographs.

It’s a little daunting, but I’m certain there has to be some organization out there that will sponsor a pet project like this, especially one with such regional focus.

Next on the list: Call potential sponsors. We have a few in mind. Got any ideas?

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